The purpose of this section is to define compounds. Compounds are classified into four categories; feedstock, intermediate, final product, and by-product.


The purpose of this section is to define technologies that convert feedstocks into intermediates and products. Note that each technology may not correspond to a single operation. The technology may consist of a series of operations.


The purpose of this section is to link the compounds to the technologies.


A technology network is generated based on the defined conversion technologies and the corresponding compounds. Circles denote compounds and round rectangles denote technologies.



The purpose of this section is to select the question to be addressed and the compounds of interest, as well as the assessment metric before the optimization run.

Optimal Strategy

The optimal routes, as shown in red and blue colors are generated. A darker color indicates higher production cost while thicker arcs indicate larger compound flow.


The detailed results of the optimal strategy (e.g., cost contributions, production level of selected technologies, amounts of compounds sold and consumed) are illustrated in this section.


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